Nice: three Ukrainians arrested after having squatted the villa of a Russian owner

This Thursday, May 12, three Ukrainians and a Chechen were arrested by the police after having voluntarily squatted the villa of a Russian owner. After being taken into custody, three of them were released.

The villa is located in the very chic avenue Germaine, in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes).

The report was made by one of the owner’s friends, after seeing individuals in the accommodation. He warned the police, who arrested the individuals, this Thursday, May 12 in the morning.

Change of lock

According to our colleagues from Actu Nice, the four individuals are three Ukrainians and a Chechen. They are said to have occupied the villa deliberately in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To carry out their coup, the squatters would have changed the locks of the shack. This Friday, May 13, police custody was lifted for three of them. The last one will make a passage in front of the criminal court for fraud and use of narcotics. He was released under judicial supervision.

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