Nick Cannon to stand in for Jamie Foxx: ‘I’ll do anything for Jamie’

Nick Cannon is standing in for Jamie Foxx
“I will do anything for Jamie”

Nick Cannon (left) and Jamie Foxx are good friends.

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Nick Cannon is filling in for Jamie Foxx on Beat Shazam. In an interview he talks about his friend’s state of health.

Nick Cannon (42) has given hints about the current state of health of his friend and colleague Jamie Foxx (55). The US comedian is replacing the actor, who recently had to be hospitalized for a long time for reasons that are still unknown, as a moderator on the US music show “Beat Shazam”. He didn’t have to think long about his substitute job.

“Actually, I was working on something else,” Cannon told Extra. However, once it was clear that Foxx had asked him specifically, the comedian was certain: “I will do anything for Jamie.”

Jamie Foxx will tell more ‘when he’s ready’

Cannon did not want to go into specific details about Foxx’s health problems. He is there for his friend and will not ask any further questions himself and will remain “respectful”. “The information that’s out there is the information that they want out there,” Cannon clarifies. “I think when he’s ready, he’ll address the waiting fans around the world in whatever way he can.”

The US music show “Beat Shazam” has been running on the American channel Fox since May 2017. Jamie Foxx has since served as the show’s host and co-executive producer.

The Oscar winner was hospitalized in April 2023 due to “medical complications”. Foxx is said to have left the clinic after a few weeks, as his daughter announced in early May. It is not yet known how he is doing or what the “complications” were about.


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