Nicki Minaj: rapper and husband are said to have intimidated women

Nicki Minaj
The rapper and husband are said to have intimidated the woman

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty last year.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj and her husband are accused of molesting and intimidating a woman and her family.

A 43-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj, 38, and Kenneth Petty, 43, in New York. The rapper and her husband, who have been married since 2019, allegedly intimidated and threatened the woman and her family after Petty was arrested last year, such as the “New York Times” and the Guardian report.

Petty hadn’t registered as a sex offender there after moving to California. In 1994, the rapper’s husband allegedly threatened and raped the woman, who was then 16 years old, with a knife. Petty pleaded guilty to attempted rape in court and spent around four and a half years in prison.

The applicant allegedly lives in constant fear

The plaintiff now claims that Minaj and Petty wanted to urge them last year to retract their account of the events at that time. According to the Guardian, the lawsuit stated that Minaj had offered up to $ 500,000, or more than EUR 400,000, for this. After the woman declined the offer, she and her family received numerous harassing calls and unsolicited visitors.

The plaintiff also claims that she has been unable to work since May 2020 because she suffers from severe depression and paranoia, among other things, as well as allegedly constant harassment and threats from Minaj, Petty and people close to them. She currently lives in isolation in Florida for alleged fear of retaliation. Neither the plaintiff’s side nor the rapper have so far commented on the lawsuit.