Nico Santos: That was his personal highlight next to “Sing meine Song”.

Nico Santos
That was his personal highlight next to “Sing meine Song”.

Johannes Oerding (left) and Nico Santos enjoy the concert evening of “Sing mein Song”.

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Participating in “Sing meine Song” is one of Nico Santos’ highlights. In an interview, he revealed what event will come before that.

May 30, 2023 is a very special day for Nico Santos (30): Tonight, the anniversary season of “Sing mein Song – Das Tauschkonzert” is all about the hits of the chart topper. His musician colleagues will be on the VOX show from 8:15 p.m. (also on RTL+) interpret his songs. This is not a new experience for Nico Santos, but it was a very special experience for him to sit on the couch for the second time on “Sing mein Song”, as he revealed in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

About the other “Sing meine Song” artists: “A very exciting mix”

Before the shooting, he was particularly looking forward to meeting the other artists. “It’s the tenth anniversary season this year – and that’s why there’s an incredible range of artists who have been there before and new faces. A very exciting mix,” says Santos. In addition to the host Johannes Oerding (41) and Santos himself, the musicians Clueso (43) and Montez (29) and the singers Lea (30), Stefanie Kloß (38) and Alli Neumann are also there.

Holiday together after the “Sing meine Song” shooting

Among his colleagues, he had above all respect for meeting the high expectations, explains Nico Santos. He wanted to deliver versions of the songs that didn’t disappoint the others. This concern was apparently completely unfounded: “We all got along so well this season that we added a few days of vacation to a shared house in Capetown with almost all the artists.”

Friendships were also formed on the TV show “through making music together and the many extensive conversations”. “‘Sing my song’ brings you together because you’ve been in one place for so long,” says Santos. “I’ve grown very fond of all of them.”

The new album tells about his journey of the last three years

His participation in the anniversary season of “Sing mein Song” is not the only happy event for Nico Santos fans. On May 26th he released his new album “Ride”: “After three years I’m happy to finally release an album again: A lot has happened, I’ve grown up and I’m looking forward to getting back from this journey – the ride – in to tell my songs.”

One of his absolute highlights in the last three years was the wedding with his wife. “On the one hand, it went quickly because we’ve been together for three years, but on the other hand it feels very familiar because we’ve known each other for more than ten years. We complement each other very well, are very similar in many ways – and I rest more in myself since I have my wife by my side,” enthuses the musician in an interview. Two more of his personal highlights are “the many concerts and moments I was able to experience with my fans – and ‘Sing Meinen Song'”.


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