Nicolas Cage: Actor shoots swear word documentary for Netflix

Nicolas Cage
Actor shoots swear word documentary for Netflix

Nicolas Cage at the premiere of "Color Out Of Space" in Los Angeles.

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Nicolas Cage celebrates his personal Netflix premiere at the start of the new year – and with plenty of swear words.

Nicolas Cage (56, "Just 60 Seconds") stayed away from streaming productions for a long time, but now the 1996 Oscar winner ("Leaving Las Vegas") strikes three times. Two productions for Amazon have already been confirmed, a third documentary series produced by Netflix on the history of swear words (original title: "History of Swear Words") goes online in January 2021. The the streaming service recently made public on Twitter.

Stars who handle swear words

Each of the six planned 20-minute episodes deals with the origin, history and cultural influence of individual swear words. The episodes have corresponding titles: "fuck", "shit", "bitch", "dick", "pussy" and "damn".

On board are other stars as well as linguists and historians in each episode. According to "The Hollywood Reporter" appearances by Joel Kim Booster (32), DeRay Davis (38), Open Mike Eagle (40), Nikki Glaser (36), Patti Harrison (29), London Hughes (31), Jim have already been confirmed Jefferies, 43, Nick Offerman (50), Sarah Silverman (50) and Baron Vaughn (39). The show starts on January 5, 2021.