Nicolas Puschmann: "Let's Dance" partner has to be strict and fun

Nicolas Puschmann
"Let's Dance" partner must be strict and fun

Nicolas Puschmann appears with a man in "Let's Dance".

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Nicolas Puschmann talks about his "Let's Dance" participation with a man and how his friend can best support him.

Nicolas Puschmann (29) has already celebrated a special TV premiere as the first "Prince Charming" of the TVNow gay dating show. In "Let's Dance" there is now another one. As the first candidate, he will compete with a professional dancer at the RTL dance show (from February 26, 8:15 p.m. on RTL or via TVNow). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Puschmann reveals the challenges he could face when dancing with a man and how his friend Lars Tönsfeuerborn (30), with whom he recently celebrated a love comeback, will support him in his participation.

You are the first "Let's Dance" candidate to dance with a man. How does it feel to have that premiere on the show?

Nicolas Puschmann: I think I feel like every other participant in this show. I'm super excited and very excited to see which professional dancer I can dance with. I am of course very pleased that my wish to dance with a man is now becoming a reality. I'm in the starting blocks and it's exciting to finally learn classical couple dance with a man. Dancing is passion, a passion that I will hopefully present well on stage with my dance partner.

You admitted that at first it would never have occurred to you to dance with a man. Is the dance world still too stuck in old patterns?

Puschmann: Since I don't have a background in dance, it's difficult for me to judge. Nevertheless, there are already German championships in equality dance sport. With all the art, fun and passion, the typical gender roles for me are blurred anyway.

Alfons Haider and Vadim Garbuzov achieved fourth place as a dancing couple in Austria. Garbuzov is also on "Let's Dance". Will you get tips from both of them?

Puschmann: Alfons and Vadim were among other things my inspiration to start with a man. Should contact be made, which I would be very happy about, I would of course be interested in your experiences. But essentially it's about my personal "Let's Dance" trip, during which I fully trust my dance partner, whom I will finally get to know on February 26th in the first live show.

Can you keep up with any standard dance or are you a complete novice?

Puschmann: Well, I'm a typical birthday and shooting festival dancer (laughs). So the basic steps of the Discofox should fit perfectly. Otherwise I haven't had much contact with the standard dances, but I have enough motivation and curiosity to hopefully learn the new steps quickly. In general, there is no better opportunity to gain so much experience and that from a top professional, I am really looking forward to it.

Strict or mild: How does your dance partner have to be for it to work out in training?

Puschmann: Definitely the perfect mix of rigor and fun. But I do need a firm hand with which I can achieve the goals together, even if the energy level in the training should be at the end. I have a lot of fun, a good mood, but also discipline, so I need a suitable counterpart.

How do you think you will implement the transition (lead-be-led)?

Puschmann: To be honest, that's also a big surprise for me. So far I've only thrown the ladies across the dance floor, so I'm really excited about the new experience. Of course, it can also happen that we switch during a choreography, but that would be a big challenge. But it can only work together with my dance professional at your side.

Do you have the ambition to win or does your appearance with a man count as a triumph in your case?

Puschmann: The ambition is definitely aroused: In addition to the entertainment factor, "Let's Dance" is still a dance competition in the end. And of course I would really like to move up to the top. Oh, let's stop being humble, of course I would love to win (laughs). But first and foremost, I'm grateful to be part of this great show. Ultimately, of course, our performance, the jurors and, above all, the voting of the audience are decisive. I hope that I will succeed in convincing the fans of "Let's Dance" with my love for dance and that in the end it will no longer matter to the audience whether I am on the dance floor with a man or a woman.

You recently celebrated your love comeback with your partner Lars. How are you both now?

Puschmann: We are both doing wonderfully, we are happy to have found each other again. Love is work, work, work … but of course in the end it is simply the most beautiful feeling in the world.

How can he support you, will you practice with him?

Puschmann: My friend is very happy that my big dream has come true and of course we keep our fingers crossed. How can he best help me? Massages against sore muscles and motivating words. And a large portion of cuddles, of course.