Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, ministers …. the guests at the investiture of Emmanuel Macron in pictures

Were present at the investiture of Emmanuel his family, including his wife Brigitte, his friends, the members of the government, Jean Castex at the head, as well as the main leaders of the assemblies, the constituted and intermediary bodies, the academies, the unions, cults… The parents of Samuel Paty were also present, as well as a certain number of personalities including the actors François Cluzet and Guillaume Gallienne, the television presenter Bernard Montiel, the former boxing champion Brahim Asloum or the boss by Free Xavier Niel.

Investiture of Emmanuel Macron: “Each day of the mandate that opens I will have only one compass, to serve”

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Former Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande and ex-Prime Minister Edouard Philippe were among them. On the other hand, the representatives of the oppositions were not invited.

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