Nicole Staudinger: "I know that being healthy cannot be taken for granted"

Best-selling author Nicole Staudinger
"I know that being healthy is not a given"

Nicole Staudinger on "Showtime of my Life" (all episodes on TVNOW).


Nicole Staudinger suffered from breast cancer six years ago, today she is healthy. Fear rarely knocks now, as the author tells in an interview.

Nicole Staudinger, 39, knows exactly what it feels like to be sick. Having breast cancer. She was diagnosed six years ago and is now "99.9 percent fear-free". "The evening before my pre- and follow-up examinations, I can really feel the fear knocking again," she reveals in an interview after the dance training for the new VOX show "Showtime of my Life".

Nicole Staudinger: "I concentrate on flying afterwards"

BRIGITTE: You developed breast cancer six years ago, after which you had your breasts and ovaries removed. Are you still afraid of getting sick again?
Nicole Staudinger: I successfully push them away. Every day I see which way I have come and today I would say that I am 99.9 percent free of fear. I've learned not to climb the mountains until they are there. In other words: the evening before my pre- and post-operative examinations, I can feel the fear knocking again.

And then?
Then I greet her, have a glass of wine with her and master the examination with her the next day. I concentrate more on flying afterwards, on the moment when all is well, because that is what I have ahead of you healthy women: I know that being healthy is not a given. This knowledge is like a free ticket for life that I get every six months.

What was going through your head when you asked about the show?
When the request for the show came, I thought: "No! I'm not going to get naked, nobody wants to see that!" But then I watched videos of the format with my mother and we both cried. And when my mother said to me in tears, "Honey, you have to join in!", The decision was clear to me.

"Usually I have more of a hip swing lock"

How emotional is the participation for you?
Participation is extremely emotional. Mainly because the women are so great. When we look each other in the eye during our choreo, I immediately feel incredibly strong.

How did it feel when you tried on your bespoke costume for the first time?
As a Cologne resident, I'm used to costumes, I love to dress up! In a costume you feel directly different, much sexier, normally I have more of a hip swing lock, but in this hot fumble that was suddenly no longer a problem.

"Showtime of my Life" runs on VOX on February 1st and 2nd at 8:15 pm. A total of 16 prominent women and men strip to get the message across: "If we can undress in front of an audience of millions, then you can do it all the more with cancer screening in front of your doctor!"

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