Nicoletta: the drama that pushed her to make a suicide attempt: Femme Actuelle The MAG

Guest on the airwaves of France Inter, on Tuesday February 2, 2021, Nicoletta looked back on her long career. On the occasion of the release of his book Soul Sister – 50 years of performing next February 4 (Ed. of Look for noon), the 76-year-old Franco-Swiss singer spoke about the highlights of her life in the show Boomerang. Among them, the death of his disabled mother. An overwhelming and particularly trying ordeal for the artist who went so far as to think of the worst. "I found out by telegram and it was a huge shock. So obviously I had a psychological accident ", she began by telling. In her grief, Nicoletta wanted to end her life: "The day after her funeral, I made a suicide attempt to join her, because I felt extremely guilty… ".

In his book, we can read: "I swallowed two whole boxes of painkillers and lay down on the bed (…). I was in a coma for eight days and I had the most amazing experience of my life. I saw myself glued to the bedroom ceiling and my eyes gazed at an unimaginable scene: my body being transported from cart to bed by three nurses. " Explaining that she experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience), she described this moment: "I was suddenly drawn to a wonderful glowing green light which illuminated a very long tunnel of which I did not see the end. The flash stopped and I woke up a few days later wondering what I was doing there in this hospital, convinced that I had had a simple accident. " From this drama was born the title Mamy blue, one of her biggest hits, which she struggled to sing for a long time. "It gave me a reminiscence of how I learned of my mom's death", she explained Augustin Trapenard at the helm of the show on France Inter.

How Nicoletta's grandmother helped her face the drama

"When you lose a parent at 18 or 19, it's terrible because you haven't had much time to deal with it. We feel guilty about a lot of things ", analyzed the companion of Jean-Christophe Molinier. She was able to overcome this guilt thanks to her maternal grandmother who raised her after her mother's death since her father never recognized her. Not wishing to reproduce the same patterns from the past, Nicoletta took care of this one until her death: "My grandmother, who was 39 years old when I was born (…) fell bedridden. She lost her mind. I brought her to my house. For four years on her sickbed, I took care of she with a medical team, of course ". A moving testimony that the singer of He died the sun concluded : "She died in my arms because I didn't want it to happen again. I helped my dear grandmother a lot, maybe to have redemption and to be forgiven ".

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