Nidhi Sunil: There is no room for privileges in the world of the model

Nidhi Sunil
There is no room for privileges in the world of the model

Model and actress Nidhi Sunil is one of the most influential young celebrities in India.

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Nidhi Sunil can't just shine with her looks. There is a lot more behind the beautiful facade of the model.

Nidhi Sunil (33) may still be quite unknown in Germany. In India, the homeland of the actress, she is already one of the greats. When she was born in 1987 in densely populated Kerala, hardly anyone would have thought that she would one day laugh at people from the TV screens and famous magazine covers. But she does – and with a self-confidence that should be groundbreaking for many young girls. L'Oréal Paris made her a brand ambassador.

From the office in front of the camera

Before Sunil became a public figure, she first completed a law degree. She later worked as an environmental law attorney. But was that all? The then 22-year-old wanted to know and tried her luck as a candidate in beauty contests – with success. After several glorious participations, she started as a model. It didn't take long before renowned fashion magazines like "Vogue" or "Elle" noticed them.

In the meantime, Sunil has a modeling contract with the New York agency One Model Management, was able to celebrate the title of "Model of the Year" by the Indian "Vogue" and is now appearing as an international brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris. The fact that she also made her breakthrough in Bollywood in 2013 with the drama "Gangoobai", which she manifested again two years later with her appearance in "Kaash", makes the 33 year old one of the most influential young celebrities in India today. A status that Sunil knows how to use.

Activist campaigns for women's rights

An equally beautiful core is hidden behind the beautiful shell. Because Sunil is not only active as a model and actress, above all, she also makes a name for herself as an activist. The topics that are particularly close to her heart: Colorism, i.e. discrimination based on skin color, and Genderzid, targeted killing or abortion based on gender, in her home country, India. Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President of L'Oréal Paris, is impressed and explains: "With her career as a lawyer, model, actress and activist, Nidhi uses her energy and reach. She campaigns for the rights of women and their equality strong against men. "

How does the 33-year-old do it? Among other things, she was a podium participant for the "Women of the World Teen Summit: No Shade" and, as a member of the advisory board and spokeswoman for the "Invisible Girl Project", draws attention to the grievances. "I think I have a pretty strong set of helpers," Sunil says of himself. "Sometimes I would like to save the whole world." Admittedly a big undertaking. But her commitment to young women and against colorism in the fashion and film industries is an unprecedented start.