Nina Bott: You will soon have another addition to the family

Nina Bott
She will soon have an addition to the family

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Nina Bott is calm when it comes to raising children. Despite three bright children under the age of 6, the presenter always seems to have everything under control. So it’s no wonder that the decision to add an animal to the family has already been made.

In her Instagram story, Nina Bott, 43, is actually talking about a small, turbulent scene with little son Lio. But with that, however, it reveals some interesting information. “We went to a pet shop and bought rabbit food and had a look around, because we will soon have a new family here,” she says.

Nina Bott’s children apparently want a fur nose

“And then Lio went nuts, he really wanted to buy a dog leash,” the actress continues. You already have some leashes and toys at home, but this time it should be a flexi leash.

While she takes the followers with her a little with her evening routine with the kids, she also says: “The grown-ups can now watch another episode of ‘Lassie’, we’re all a bit in dog fever here right now.” That sounds as if the choice of animals in the Bott house actually fell on a dog.

Nina Bott: “Some child always cries”

Nina Bott definitely has the serenity for another family member. In the evening it is always loud and turbulent in the house of the former GZSZ actress. “Some child just keeps crying because I can’t tear myself apart. But at some point they’ll all be happy in bed,” she says. Even scurrying four-legged friends will not be noticed.

But it is important to get help when you realize that it is no longer possible to do it alone. The 43-year-old has recently been getting help in the household: “I prefer to hand over the household than the children.”

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