Nina Eichinger: This is how she deals with the death of her father

Nina Eichinger
10 years after the death of her father – this is how she deals with it

Nina Eichinger

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It was ten years ago that producer Bernd Eichinger died. How does his family deal with this loss? His daughter Nina Eichinger now reveals how she was doing in the first few years after her father's death and what she does every year on the day he died.

On January 24, 2011, Bernd Eichinger died of a heart attack at dinner with his family and friends in Los Angeles. The producer of films such as "We Children from Zoo Station", "The Neverending Story", "The Name of the Rose" and "The Perfume" was 61 years old. The successful filmmaker left behind a daughter: TV presenter Nina Eichinger. The 39-year-old now spoke about how she deals with the death of her father.

Nina Eichinger: "But then you learn to deal with it"

In an interview with "Bild" she revealed that the first and second anniversary of her death hit her hard. "I was afraid of that day too. That is certainly the case with everyone who mourns a loved one. But then you learn to deal with it," she said. Now she is no longer afraid of this day, but has a queasy feeling. "Because of course I never know in advance whether I'll be fine that day," she continued.

She keeps the day of her father's death free every day to mourn or reminisce. And how does she spend January 24th every year? "Sometimes I just want to be to myself and go to Dad's grave, sometimes I want to do something and, for example, meet up with friends of his for dinner. Due to Corona, this is of course not possible this year, so I don't know exactly what I'll do this year, ”said the former DSDS juror in an interview.

Bernd and Nina Eichinger, 2009

Bernd and Nina Eichinger, 2009

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Nina Eichinger: What is your father's favorite film?

At the end, she also revealed which her father's favorite film is: "The girl Rosemarie". But why this strip? "Anyone who knew my father well knows a lot about him in this film. His humor and how he spoke. It was a very familiar project in which many of my father's friends and acquaintances worked," explained the 39-year-old. That it was a family project can also be seen from this fact: Nina herself played a mini-role in the film as a teenager.

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