Nina Moghaddam: TV presenter makes Covid 19 disease public

Nina Moghaddam has to experience it firsthand: "So that's how Covid-19 feels." The TV presenter lies flat.

Well-styled and always with a smile on her face, that's how TV viewers know presenter Nina Moghaddam. On Instagram, the 39-year-old now shows a completely different side. The reason: The mother of two was infected with the corona virus. It can hardly be overlooked that she is not doing well.

On Tuesday evening (November 3), Moghaddam published a selfie in her stories, which she shows without make-up. She makes no secret of her dark circles and the apparent lack of energy. The presenter lies flat. "That's how Covid-19 feels, damn it," the 39-year-old captioned the photo. She did not provide any further information about her illness.