Ninja Warrior: Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart very surprised by the gesture of a candidate after having buzzed

This Friday, January 21 in Ninja Warrior, Kevin Hsissou, one of the candidates, created the surprise. At the end of the test, when he arrived at the buzzer, the young man took out his mobile phone to make a phone call!

The followers of ninja warrior are happy! Since January 7, the program presented by Iris Mittenaere, Denis Brogniart and Christophe Beaugrand is back on TF1. For the sixth consecutive year, the principle remains the same: candidates must overcome an obstacle course in a minimum of time. Only the best can hope to qualify for the final. In the episode broadcast this Friday, January 21, Hugo, a 21-year-old ski instructor, also put viewers in the spotlight by completing the course in less than a minute! It only took him 59 seconds to buzz up the wall. Corn another candidate stood out during this evening: Kevin Hsissou.

Kevin Hsissou telephones his wife Mina

Yes this 34-year-old bus driver and breakdancer caused a lot of reaction on social networks, it’s not so much for his dream musculature, nor for his impressive career, but for an astonishing gesture he made at the end of the event. Indeed, when he arrived at the top of the wall, the candidate took a mobile phone out of his pocket under the astonished eyes of Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart. “What is it? It’s his cell phone! That means he was sure he wouldn’t fall into the water yet! Because keeping your phone in your pocket… You have to be sure not to fall into the pool!”, exclaimed the first while attending the scene.

But why did Kevin Hsissou pull out his cell phone? Quite simply to call his partner, who is expecting their second child! “Hello Doudou, I’m on TV here and I’m calling you live!“, he said on the phone, before specifying the first name of his wife, Mina. No doubt, the latter will remember this call for a long time!


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