Nintendo continues to promote indie on Switch with the announcement of Risk of Rain Returns

Until December 23, nintendo will be posting a video a day that focuses on a few indie game announcements coming to Switch. The first show aired yesterday told us about the surprise releases of Mortal Shell and of Floopy Knights, but this second issue should make a little more noise thanks to a really unexpected announcement. We take stock of what this miniature showcase has in store for us.

Four games to remember today

The most notable announcement is obviously the one concerning Risk of Rain Returns. This is actually a remaster of the first Risk of Rain, with lots of new features along the way such as new characters or additional multiplayer features. The release of this improved version is currently scheduled for 2023 and good news, the game will be released on Switch as well as on PC.

Other announcements include The Gecko Gods, which will allow us to take control of a gecko in an adventure game full of puzzles to solve. Expected release in 2023 on PC and Switch.

After the geckos, make way for the penguins with The Punchin, a 2D action and adventure game where you control a boxer penguin who goes on an adventure. The game is playable solo but also offers a multiplayer mode, and surprise, it is available now on the eShop. TheCaptain announcement about him a port on Switch. The sci-fi adventure game returns today to Nintendo’s console, a year after its release on PC.

That’s all you need to remember for this day of announcements at Nintendo. We meet tomorrow to find out even more.

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