Nintendo Indie World: a new dated presentation, is it finally time for Silksong?

Contrary to his habits, Nintendo has so far not organized Direct in order to present its titles first party for the year 2024, these few announcements having been dispersed, notably during the Mario Day for its next two license games. A Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase very pleasant was still broadcast in February to introduce the productions coming in the coming months from third-party publishers. The habits of Big N. will however continue with the announcement this Tuesday of a Indie Worldlike every spring. The last one in November pleased many players, but what to expect this time?

It is therefore this Wednesday, April 17 at 4:00 p.m. that Nintendo will broadcast this pre-recorded presentation which should last about twenty minutes and will obviously highlight the next indie games coming out on Switch, but also elsewhere, during the year. Like every time, but more than ever, it’s Hollow Knight: Silksong which is awaited by players around the world. It actually showed signs of life again at the start of the month, then was evaluated by different organizations. For the rest, there is no shortage of potential gems and anything is possible.

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