Nintendo is preparing a Switch Mini or Pocket, really?

According to a leaker, Nintendo is developing a Mini, Micro or Pocket version of the Nintendo Switch. Smaller than the Lite, it could be released next year. We strongly doubt it.

Nintendo Switch Lite
The Nintendo Switch Lite / Credits: Nintendo

When will the next generation of Nintendo consoles ? The fact is that the Switch was released in 2017 all the same. Even though we were treated to an OLED Switch in 2021, players have toured the support a bit and the desire to get their hands on a more powerful version is growing more and more. It’s not for nothing that all eyes are turning to a possible Switch 2 and that rumors about it have been growing on the Web for several months already.

What if the Japanese manufacturer’s future console was not what we expected? In any case, this is the opinion of the influencer and leaker Nash Weedle. In a series of posts on X (Twitter)it shows several patents filed by Nintendo and explains that for him, they are intended for a Switch Mini, Microphone Or Pocket. Whatever its name, it would be a portable version of the Switch, more compact than the Lite released in 2019. What is the Internet user based on to assert this?

A portable Switch smaller than the Lite version would be in preparation

First, it shows a patent relating to a new cooling system. Nintendo explains that in a small device, “the space available to dissipate heat is limited”. The product presented is there to “provide such electronic device with improved heat dissipation”. On this basis alone, we can very well imagine that the system is intended for Switch2. It might be more compact than its big sister after all. But it doesn’t stop there.

On another patent, we see a device where the L, R, ZL, ZR, Home and Capture buttons are positioned differently from the Switch. In line for the first 4, on the lower edge for the last two. The object in question is clearly qualified as portable: “in order to make the portable game console more compact or to increase the surface area of ​​the screen, it is possible to improve the distribution of the buttons of the portable console”. In another diagram, we would see a slot for inserting cartridgesindicating that the possible console would not only be digital.

Nintendo Switch Mini buttonsNintendo Switch Mini buttons
The distribution of the buttons of the supposed Nintendo Switch Mini / Credits: Nash Weedle via X

More surprisingly, a patent concerns the positioning of the screws that hold the front and rear shells of the console. We can read there a desire to miniaturize the device in question, while explaining that this would make it possible to better personalize the console by affixing a sticker for example, less bothered by screws. In this same idea, the supposed Nintendo Switch Mini would integrate magnets to attach cases to. It is also a way of protect the consolewhich is in favor of a version that we are likely to carry often and everywhereand therefore damage more easily.

The existence of a future Nintendo Switch Mini should be taken with a grain of salt

“Miniaturization”, “compact”, “smaller”… The patents revealed indeed mention qualifiers that can be applied to a “pocket” version of the Nintendo Switch. However, All this information should be taken with a grain of salt.. We know that for console manufacturers (and others), filing a patent for a product does not mean that they are actively working on its development. It’s often about protecting an idea that might never see the light of day, or might not see the light of day.

The idea of ​​such a portable console is attractive, but what about the Switch 2? Is it this device? Another ? Would both come out at the same time? Why wouldn’t all these proposals simply apply to the Switch 2? After all, no strict measures are mentioned. “Smaller” could very well mean “one or two centimeters less than the original Switch”.

There are a lot of question marks and caution is therefore required.. Nash Weedle firmly believes in it, though, even going so far as to give his predictions with a release date and a sale price: February 16, 2024 for €149. It’s precise.

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