Nintendo: Mortal Shell and The Punchuin release on Switch, Risk of Rain Returns unveiled… the indies in the spotlight before Christmas!

For the parties, nintendo decided to put Switch indie games under your tree. It broadcasts this week every day a pre-recorded video in the style of a short Nintendo IndieWorldas part of the program Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event. The first two days have allowed us to discover great announcements for the coming months, but also for now, for the Switch, but also for other platforms.

In the first place, Floppy Knightsturn-based strategy game with floppy disks containing knights, came out by surprise on theeShop. It includes a 2.0 update also available at the same time on PC and Xbox One, which adds levels, maps and characters.

In Floppy Knights, floppy disks project material knights! With her robot arm Carlton, Phoebe, the genius inventor, fights turn-based battles that combine tactics and card games. To your units, build a solid deck and hone your strategy until victory!

  • Turn-based tactics meet card games.
  • An exciting universe with hand-drawn graphics by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons).
  • Includes all DLC side quests with 24 new levels and over 50 new maps.
  • Affordable difficulty, and help options.
  • Special challenge levels and secondary objectives to complete.
  • An original and retro soundtrack by Graham Nesbitt (Garden Story).

Next, Arbitrary Metricdeveloper of Paratopicannounced the first-person narrative adventure game Roman Sands RE:Build. It will confine us to an island paradise filled with secrets, as a strange apocalypse approaches, and is scheduled for summer 2023 on Switch and PC.

Roman Sands REBuild 21 12 2022 screenshot 3 Roman Sands REBuild 21 12 2022 screenshot 2Roman Sands REBuild 21 12 2022 screenshot 4 Roman Sands REBuild 21 12 2022 screenshot 5 Roman Sands REBuild 21 12 2022 screenshot 6

For lovers of small doggies, Pupperazzian exploration game where you have to photograph dogs, has been confirmed on Switch for early 2023.

Put your love of puppies to the test by trying to photograph a bunch of absolutely adorable pooches! Chain the shots and catalog the best (and most cunning) dogs to advance your career, improve your camera and discover other doggies. WOOF WOOF !

Who will photograph, pet and pet these brave dogs if you don’t? The world NEEDS you in Pupperazzi, the dog photography game! Take photos and grow your social media presence. Will you work hard to achieve fame or do you want to be considered a true artist? Maybe you just want to share with your friends the photos of the adorable puppy you just met. How to pursue your career is up to you, as long as you don’t forget to pet brave doggies along the way.

Dodge obstacles like people as you capture animal beauty digitally. Double-jump from building to building to land the lucrative shot of the local canine celebrity quietly living his dog’s life. Zoom in in slow motion to capture those high-jump images loaded with contagious emotion.

A whole world is waiting for you, ready to be photographed from every angle!

Day 1 ended with another surprise release: that of Mortal Shell: Complete Editionthe souls like produced by a small team that enjoyed great success in 2020. It is sold for €24.99 on theeShop.

For the first time, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition brings you all DLC and content updates in one amazing bundle.

Included in Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is the much different expansion Virtuous Cycle, a completely new roguelike mode that adds random, repeatable violence to Fallgrim.

There’s also Hadern, once your mysterious teacher, now you can master him in Mortal Shell as a fifth playable character.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition also includes the Rotten Autumn content update, which adds unique Shell colorways, a new mini-quest, a powerful new photo mode, and an alternate boss soundtrack from black metal band Rotting Christ.

Day 2 kicked off with the announcement of a Switch version for The Gecko Godsa title already planned on PC for 2023. It is an adventure and puzzle game with a gecko capable of exploring its environment very freely, in particular by climbing walls.

Another title was then formalized and straight out on theeShop : The Captainadventure game side-scrolling in a science fiction world of Sysiac Games already available on PC, sold at the price of 19.99 €.

You are Captain Thomas Welmu, science officer of the Space Fleet, lost at the other end of the galaxy. Dark forces are on their way to Earth to destroy your planet – and you have the only thing that can stop them.

Go back home crossing the whole galaxy. Meet new friends. New enemies. You won’t be able to save everyone. Who will you leave behind? Which civilization will you save – or destroy – on your way? It’s up to you to decide.

You are… The Captain!

Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games then made a great announcement, that ofa remaster of Risk of Rains 10 years after its launch initial. Risk of Rain Returns will be released in 2023 on PC and Switch, and will include new survivors, revamped multiplayer and content taken from Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain returns!
Sleek design, improved graphics, new features… Risk of Rain is back! (Re)discover this mythical roguelike with unique loot combinations, new survivors, redesigned multiplayer, and more!

Discover new ways to play
Improve your skills and abilities, discover new survivors and experience ever more intense games! Unravel the mystery surrounding ancient devices slumbering beneath the surface of Petrichor V. Flip every trunk, stone, and gup to find new ways to play!

15 survivors to master
Many survivors fled during the mysterious attack on your ship. Chop down small foes with the returning Cook, hold the front line and protect your team with the Executioner, or cover the ground in toxic slime with everyone’s favorite purple monster: Acrid! Discover new ways to play with 15 unique survivors, each with new abilities to master.

Game-Changing Artifacts
Spice up your parties by varying the pleasures. Select up to 11 artifacts that will transform your game, each in their own way! Start with a random item that changes with each use, or try to fend off a fearsome demon invasion every 10 minutes. Try different combinations of artifacts to discover new ways to play.

Powerful Items
Fight your way to the surface while unearthing valuable cargo. These objects, which represent your chance of salvation, will allow you to move faster, inflict more damage or even jump a little higher. Others will grant you even greater powers, such as the extremely rare Ukulele, which reinforces your attacks with its boosted chords. If you’re more of an explosive nature, hunt down the Gleaming Behemoth and then transform your most ordinary attacks into a flurry of insane explosions. Each combination will bring you its share of surprises. Exploding light chains are just one of many examples!

The Dangers of Petrichor V
The creatures of Petrichor V are as motley as the various planets they hail from. When these monsters saw themselves threatened with extinction in their respective worlds, a mysterious force brought them to Petrichor V. Soon, the planet became home to the most dangerous beasts in the galaxy, and they see no danger. keep an eye out for intruders (i.e. you). Reignite the ancient teleporters scattered across the planet’s surface and traverse all 10 biomes. Survive long enough to find your way back to the ship you had to abandon.

Play solo or in a team
Join the surface alone or with your team! Choose complementary survivors or treat yourself to the one with the biggest gun (spoiler: it’s Loader). You won’t have to battle alone with online or local co-op for up to 4 players. And with the improved multiplayer mode that Risk of Rain Returns offers, Petrichor V’s ever-growing hordes of monsters will be the only obstacle to your team’s survival.

Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 1 Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 2 Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 3Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 4 Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 5 Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 6Risk of Rains Returns screenshot 7

Finally, in conclusion of day 2, Shin’en Multimediato whom we owe The Touristfound The Punchuin, an original and retro brick breaker game with a boxer penguin. And there again, icing on the cake: it is already out on theeShopat the sweet price of €14.99!

Your mission: unravel the mystery of the Punch Mountain treasure. To achieve this: punch your way to the top, collect cash and diamonds, improve your fist skills and make new friends along the way.

  • Explore the depths of Punch Mountain.
  • Play solo or against a friend.
  • Improve your items with the Punch Shop.
  • Unlock paths that will take you to new levels.
  • Interact with the characters to help you grab the treasure.
  • High-quality CRT emulation to customize your pixels in style.
  • A super cool soundtrack!

The Punchin screenshot 1 The Punchin screenshot 2 The Punchin screenshot 3The Punchin screenshot 4 The Punchin screenshot 5 The Punchin screenshot 6

Do you want more ? So, see you this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for 3 other pre-recorded programs filled with revelations! If these titles interest you, you can get a map Nintendo eShop on

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