Nintendo Switch Online: 4 more games from the Game Boy Color, SNES and NES added now

At the end of May, three Game Boy Advance games and not the least were added to the Additional pack of Nintendo Switch Onlinenamely the first three Super Mario Advancethe fourth having been made available to it as soon as the new platforms were added to the service in February. The month of June Has him a flavor of mars after the hour in again offering us two productions from the Game Boy Color, an NES game and one from the SNES available nowsee instead:

On the side of the portable console, the pink ball of Big N. is partying again with Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumblemixing ball game and platform, while fans of run and gun can have fun with Blaster Master: Enemy Below. On Super NES, it is the classic and very first Harvest Moon which should delight fans of farm management (its graphics and animations have lost none of their superbness), while the Nintendo Entertainment System offers us MysteryTower also known as The Tower of Babel in Japan, rather oriented puzzle and action. Moreover, in the Archipelago, the manufacturer preferred to offer Baseball Simulator 1.000 instead ofHarvest Moon.


Blaster Master: Enemy Below – Jason and his legendary combat vehicle, SOPHIA, are back to save the world. Using SOPHIA’s powerful weapons and high jump power, Jason must head to underground regions and eliminate everything in his path. In tight places, Jason can get out of SOPHIA and walk around the catacombs. In the catacombs, control Jason from top view and fight with guns and grenades! Swap in and out of your vehicle and adapt to the situation to succeed!

Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble – When you move, Kirby moves! This action game was released for the Game Boy Color console in 2001 and features the adorable Kirby! In this game, it’s all about how Kirby leans and rolls! This twist on classic Kirby gameplay adds new levels of fun. Kirby moves left, right, forward and back based on the movement of the system you’re holding! This version replicates the motion controls of the original Game Boy Color release. Tilt your Nintendo Switch console or controller to play. Here we go, Kirby!

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Harvest Moon – Discover the roots of the farming simulator genre in Harvest Moon! Take in the natural beauty and breathe in the fresh country air. Experience the down-to-earth goodness of farm life for yourself! Your challenge is to build your life as a farmer with hard work and old-fashioned dedication. You have a modest house, so you’re going to have to renovate it to woo a fellow farmer. Success in this game is measured by the fruits of your labor, so remember – you always reap what you sow!

Nintendo Entertainment System

Mystery Tower (The Tower of Babel) – Use intelligence and skill to reach the top of the tower! This game was released for the Famicom console in Japan in 1986 and is packed with puzzles and action! Play the role of an archaeologist and explorer, and set your sights on the top of the tower. Complete levels by moving and rearranging mystery stones to reach the exit and proceed to the next floor.

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