Nintendo Switch Online: the June 2022 N64 game of the additional pack dated, it will be an unusual rail shooter

Last week, subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online were treated to three special versions of games Kirby of the SNES already included in the service. Like every month, they will soon be followed by a production reserved for people who have subscribed to the advanced formula of the service, the NSO + Additional Packwho had rightly hosted Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards in May. There was only one game left on the list unveiled in September, so it’s no surprise that Pokemon Snap will be landing soon.

This game released in 1999 and which was entitled to a spiritual sequel last year, New Pokemon Snapwill thus be available from Friday, June 24.

Professor Chen needs your help!

The professor asked you to film the wild Pokémon on Pokémon Island. Drive around the island in your ZERO-ONE vehicle and snap photos of Pokémon in their natural habitat. Wild Pokemon are often camera shy, so you’ll need to use special items to bring them out into the open. Only the best shots will do for the Professor’s Pokémon Report, so hone your photography skills and get ready to shoot!

Main characteristics

  • The very first N64 game to feature the famous Pokémon fully rendered in 3D!
  • Explore the many environments of Pokémon Island, such as the sunny beach, mysterious caves, and even a burning volcano!
  • Many different types of Pokémon inhabit the island. See how many you can catch on film!
  • Print your photos as stickers at Pokémon Snap stations!

New Pokemon Snap is he sold €44.99 on Amazon if you want to have fun with a newer game.

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