Nintendo: Switch reaches milestone, but one console is even more successful


Nintendo reached an impressive milestone with the Switch, but one console is even more successful.

Nintendo has reached an impressive milestone. (Source: Screenshot Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch has been a console hit for many years. The video game publisher has struck a chord with global gamers with the device and this is also reflected in the sales figures.

Nintendo has now sold 132.46 million units of the Switch, according to Nintendo Life in a financial report – an impressive number.

DS is the most successful Nintendo console

However, there is one Nintendo handheld that has sold more and that is the Nintendo DS with 154.2 million units. Maybe the Switch will break this mark in the next few years.

In any case, the rumors about a successor device, which many are initially calling the Nintendo Switch 2, are increasing online. Nintendo is expected to announce a new console by 2024 at the latest.

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Sources: Nintendo and Nintendo Life

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