Nintendo Switch Sports unveiled in five minutes

A little less than a month from its release, Nintendo Switch Sports presents more of its gameplay and goes into more detail about the six sports available when the game launches on April 29.

Despite a dream-selling volleyball presentation during the Nintendo Direct and the two-day beta organized in February, many questions remained about the gameplay of the different sports disciplines. In a new presentation video, Nintendo takes a look at the different game modes offered in its new game.

Nintendo Switch Sports Gameplay Trailer

Among the new categories that are entering the license, football. It will be possible to play with two players in one against one or in teams of 4 against 4. The use of a leg strap will make the experience even more sporty. Be careful, however, not to shoot into your TV.

The bowling, already present in the Wii Sports version, has a new look. In addition to the standard tracks, other tracks will appear adding a new technical challenge. They will include low walls as well as small footbridges that you will have to manage to cross to hope for the strike. New special modes are also arriving, such as the Survival tournament which will be played at 16 and which marks the elimination of the losers over the rounds.

Finally, Nintendo also shows a little more about the playing techniques of tennis, volleyball, badminton and chambara. Like for example the appearance of two new swords to hit your friends even better. A pro league will be available for all disciplines, allowing players to challenge other players in online matches and climb the rankings. Remember that a seventh sport will arrive in an update already scheduled for the fall, golf.

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