Nintendo, Valve… Fake accounts abound on Twitter, and it only cost them $8!

He had warned at the same time. Twitter will do many silly things in the first months under his leadership, told us Elon Musk, its new CEO. And the first big idiocy started recently. In the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for the moment, you can now pay $8 to have your little “official” badge next to your name. His utility ? The Twitter algorithm makes you appear in priority in the answers among other things, a kind of privilege.

Once delivered manually by Twitter under official proof of identity, anyone can now access it. And as everyone suspected: the first drifts took place.

A problem taken lightly

Initially planned to counter all fake scam/crypto accounts (and still bail out Twitter’s coffers), the first major identity thefts took place. All recognizable despite everything if we pay a little attention to their @ ​​(their account name), some obviously fall into the trap.

Among the most unusual are:

A mario who announces a new Mario Galaxy in his own way

A fake announcement of Ricochet 2

Or the false return of personalities banned from the platform

Note that the problem of scams does not seem only vaguely resolved. And if seeing Mario flipping a finger or Joe Biden talking about his gender on Twitter makes Elon Musk smile, one wonders if he is not killing his platform. Because if some parodies make you smile, identity theft remains a major problem. And if major operations take place when the whole planet has access to this badge, one wonders how far this could go.

An iron defense?

In defense of Elon Musk, all these parody accounts not specifying it in their bio were quickly removed from the platform. But for how long ? Only a small part of the planet has access to the badge at the moment, and the number of these infractions could grow. As an indication, France would have access to this badge on November 14th.

A temporary solution had been put in place: a second gray badge reading “Official” under certain large accounts chosen by Twitter, this one awarded by hand. Like the old one. But the new head of Twitter confessed have kill this measurement after two hours.

We then wonder what Twitter has planned to compensate for fake parody accounts. Because if since his arrival, Elon Musk is revolutionizing the social network, for the moment in the wrong direction, we can ask ourselves the question: is he not destroying it completely? Unscrupulous monetization that remunerates creators a la OnlyFans or YouTube, incessant drifts, one wonders if getting a ratio didn’t have the effect of a bomb on him…


Barely four days after his takeover of the social network Twitter, the famous and controversial Elon Musk has already taken positions that are hotly debated by both users and his new employees, particularly regarding Twitter Blue. Heated debates, of course, but with a certain outcome…

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