Nissan blocked – Renault wants to sell the combustion engine division to the Chinese

Renault wants to spin off its combustion engine business and sell a large part of it to the Chinese manufacturer Geely. But alliance partner Nissan does not want to play along – the Japanese have concerns about the transfer of technological knowledge.

Nissan, with which Renault has been in an alliance for many years, wants to ensure its knowledge of internal combustion engines and hybrid technology is protected, two people with knowledge of the talks told Reuters. Reservations about a possible technology transfer to a Chinese company also played a role. The three automakers declined to comment. Not the only point of contention Nissan’s concerns could mean that Renault would have to negotiate and handle its complex reorganization in individual steps. Fears of the outflow of intellectual property for cutting-edge technology such as solid-state batteries are also a reason why there is still no agreement on Nissan’s entry into Renault’s electric car division. It must be ensured that any technology transferred to the new entity remains within the company, two insiders said. Renault wants to renew its alliance with Nissan and is campaigning for the Japanese group to participate in its new electric car division called Ampere. Nissan boss Makoto Uchida told Reuters on Friday the talks were aimed at increasing competitiveness at a time of economic uncertainty. The two automakers are linked through a cross-shareholding that has been a source of disputes between the partners on several occasions in the past. Against the background of economic uncertainty, the talks about a reorganization are now gaining additional weight.
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