Nissan unveils the electric car that will go from the North Pole… to the South Pole

Stephane Ficca

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February 02, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.


Nissan Pole to Pole © © Nissan

© Nissan

Next March, two adventurers will make a long trip from the North Pole to the South Pole, all at the wheel of a Nissan Ariya.

An extreme and electric road-trip of 27,000 kilometers, just that.

A “Pole to Pole” expedition at Nissan

Yesterday, we mentioned on Clubic the FH electric truck signed Volvo which has just traveled, not without difficulty, the record distance of 3,000 kilometers. The manufacturer can thus demonstrate that long-distance journeys are possible on board an electric truck. Today, it’s Nissan’s turn to launch a new challenge called ” Pole to Pole “.

Nissan Pole to Pole © © Nissan

© Nissan

No electric trucks here, the goal is to get from the North Pole to the South Pole aboard a 100% electric Nissan Ariya SUV. Here again, it is a question of demonstrating the capacities of electric vehicles while highlighting the actions carried out against the climate crisis.

A Nissan Ariya specially revisited for the occasion

Very recently, the team of this expedition ” Pole to Pole “, Chris and Julie Ramsey, and Nissan unveiled the version specially prepared for the occasion of the Ariya electric crossover. The latter will undertake a 27,000 kilometer journey from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole next March.

Arctic Trucks, a company specializing in polar expedition vehicles, worked with Nissan to prepare the Ariya for the tough conditions ahead. Indeed, the electric crossover will have to cross fields of ice, drive on deep snow, but also come to the end of steep mountains and other desert dunes.

© Nissan

However, Nissan would like to point out that the battery and the motorization have not been retouched, unlike the suspensions and the tires. In addition, the pilots will be able to count on a mobile renewable energy production unit which will be used to recharge the Ariya in the polar regions.

It’s a towable prototype that features a lightweight, retractable wind turbine and solar panels that will take advantage of high winds and long daylight hours to recharge the Ariya’s battery when Chris and Julie Ramsey pull over to to rest. Departure scheduled for next March.

Source : Electrek

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