No appointments & easy to sit: How to manage not planning a weekend

We are always totally planned, but it is only stressful. That's why we're putting an end to it now. Works with these tricks. Really now.

1. Don't tighten!

If possible, please stay in your pajamas for the entire 48 hours, then there is no risk of going out. But if you don't go out, you can't at least plan anything for the world out there. Comprende?

2. Be like the hamster …,

… but only when it comes to supplies. Or was that the squirrel? No matter. Having a lot of food at home that you like usually doesn't hurt. Okay, well, we admit that it sounds like PLAN, but it doesn't help to do anything because everything is already there – and you don't have to plan anything. If this is too complicated for you: pizza service is also possible, but it collides with point 3. At least if you are consistent. Otherwise it is completely haphazard to go shopping because of us. Or just eat what you find. Something will be there without a plan.

3. Turn off the phone – and lock it away!

No shit, just making out is not enough. The thing has to go so that you don't get the idea to plan something. However, ordering pizza is really difficult, unless you mute everything and really only make calls. It is very easy to set the screen time, helps enormously. Goes on every cell phone, also means parental controls and is totally easy.

4. Sell yourself and the children the whole thing as an adventure

Alternatively: plan children away all the time so that you can be alone without a plan. By the way, it's unbelievable what you can think of when you have nothing to do – and when it's just a matter of reading a good book through in one go. This also applies to the next generation. He learns that everything does not always have to be fully timed and that it can be great to have no appointments at all. It is definitely relaxing.

5. Tell everyone that you are totally planned for Saturday and Sunday

After all, that's what it is: with the "I-really-plan-nothing" plan. Which, by the way, still leaves every room and time open to do things spontaneously, completely without a plan. But you can also just sit there, maybe just do nothing with a tea or a sparkling wine (being haphazard goes well with day drinking!). Advanced users even manage not to plan anything for the entire next week. Nada. Nothing. Niente. Sounds good, doesn't it?

P.S .: Thanks also to Harald Juhnke for the quote in the headline, which reads in full: "My definition of happiness? No appointments and easy to sit down"