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“Cover this breast, which I cannot see”. If Molière’s pen is eternal, the time when fashion required women to hide their bodies is over. On the contrary, the trend would even be to celebrate femininity. From the catwalks of fashion week, to the dressings of fashionistas, through the windows of the brands, no-bra fashion is everywhere. This trend has a name: “braless “. This one comes to us from English and literally means “no bra”. An attractive concept especially in summer when the heat pushes us to wear only light and low-cut pieces in order to feel a breath of freshness and freedom in our daily life. Without forgetting the days when we stay at home … We will however specify that this is more suitable for smaller breasts, rather than the strongest who require more than optimal support.
Here are our tips for adopting the no bra trend without a hitch.

1. No bra trend: choosing the right t-shirt

When we decide not to wear bra under her clothes, the choice of top or t-shirt is ca-pi-tal. First, forget about the color white. The transparency and wet T-shirt effect combo is not really very chic. Instead, opt for a dark cotton or linen top. Shape side, round neck, straight cut and vintage rolled up sleeves are ideal to adopt the nineties version trend.

2. Pay attention to the choice of the neckline

Here too, the choice of your neckline is important. Avoid top in V or too plunging and rather fall for the subtlety with a boat neck, a backless or one bardot top. A little wisdom doesn’t hurt.

3. Bye bye sport

To adopt this trend, we simply advise you not to go running a marathon, or take a sprint to get your bus or metro. And yes, we know how unpleasant it can be when the chest is not supported.

4. Break the sexy side with a jacket:

If you adopt braless during the day, it is best not to overdo it. It would be a shame if we spent the day staring at you below the face. On the other hand, nothing better than a small jacket to break the style. On the program: patterned kimono, light knit cardigan, men’s bomber or Jean jacket oversize. No more no less.
More and more stars and other fashion bloggers are opting for the blazer jacket with nothing underneath for a look as chic as it is irresistible.

5. We choose the right pants

Just like the T-shirt or the shape of the neckline, you must also pay attention to the bottom. And yes, do not adopt the braless trend who wants. To play on the codes of the masculine-feminine, nothing better than mom jeans high waist or loose pants. For a more glamorous look, choose a skater skirt buttoned and which arrives above the knees.

6. We stand up straight!

Don’t panic, without a bra it is normal for your breasts to fall slightly (the fault of gravity). And like your friend the push-up is not part of the no bra trend, rThere is nothing better than good posture to highlight your outfit without a bra. Take a cue from the star dancers, stand up straight with your shoulders out and your head held high.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to the bra?

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