No Christmas show: Helene Fischer announces a replacement program instead of a stage show


Corona makes the ZDF Christmas show by Helene Fischer a line through the bill: The Schlagerqueen is "infinitely sad".

Every year Helene Fischer (36, "Breathless through the night") inspires her fans with her Christmas show, in which the pop singer appears on stage with numerous stars and which is traditionally broadcast on Christmas Day on ZDF. Due to the corona pandemic, the "Helene Fischer Show" cannot take place this year, as Fischer has confirmed to the "Bild" newspaper.

She is infinitely sad "that I can't be on stage live for the first time and can't pursue my passion – to entertain -", explains the singer of "Bild". However, it is all the more exciting to put together a special edition, "as it has never existed in this form before, perhaps even with more highlights than in any other edition before." According to the "Bild" newspaper, ZDF is to plan a special edition and show Fischer's appearances from past Christmas shows in a "Best of" entitled "My most beautiful moments". In 2019 the singer presented her ninth Christmas show.