No fine for CR7 fan: Ronaldo speedster pardoned by association

No fine for CR7 fans
Ronaldo runabout pardoned by the association

After the World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Portugal, the young Addison Wheelan storms the pitch. She secures a warm hug and the shirt of Cristiano Ronaldo. First she threatens a fine, but the Irish Association is gracious, but warns against imitators.

The Irish Football Association (FAI) has mercy on the young speedster who won the jersey of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo after the World Cup qualifier Ireland against Portugal and captured the hearts of an entire nation. 13-year-old Addison Wheelan, a youth player for Irish club Shelbourne, ran onto the pitch after going 0-0 in Thursday’s World Cup qualifier to secure the jersey of her great hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

She had succeeded in doing this after stepping out of the second row of seats in the stadium in Dublin past the steward to the Portuguese. In addition to the jersey, Wheelan picked up a warm hug and was then escorted from the field by the stewards. She later told of the impending fine of 3,000 euros.

“My father will pay you,” she told the Irish radio station FM 104. But he is allowed to keep his money. “We would like to assure Addison that of course she will not face any penalty for walking on the field and asking for Ronaldo’s jersey,” said FAI spokesman Cathal Dervan of the Irish Times.

Tears after hugging Ronaldo

In a press statement, the FAI added: “The Irish Football Association can confirm that the young Addison Wheelan does not have to pay a fine for approaching Cristiano Ronaldo.” Despite waiving the penalty for the 13-year-old, the FAI admonished visitors to future games. This example should not set an example, as “in all games in certain cases UEFA can impose fines for entering the field of play, especially when the game is on. We urge all fans to respect this very sensible rule.”

This desperate man did not reach Ronaldo.

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After her conquest tour, Wheelan had revealed that she cried the moment Ronaldo noticed her. Her father told the Irish newspaper “Independent” that they had prepared for the situation. “We had a big banner and hung it up a couple of times, but it didn’t really come near us, but we had a plan,” said Peter Wheelan.

“Ten minutes before the end of the game the stewards got up and turned to face us. I looked at one of them, winked at him and said, ‘Any chance?’ And he said, ‘No chance.’ Folder is ignored. After the game had ended, Wheelan ran and reached Ronaldo. “She’s crazy,” her father had confessed.

Annoying trend

However, the cheerful episode from Dublin is indicative of a new trend that has already caused trouble in the Bundesliga. After a speedster stormed onto the field after Borussia Dortmund’s 2-0 cup success against Ingolstadt, BVB coach Marco Rose, who personally led the speedster off the pitch, warned against imitation.

“It shouldn’t explode exponentially, with three or four people walking onto the pitch every game,” said Rose: “I think we should try to find a solution. If we have that every weekend now, we’ll have a lot to do. If that makes 80,000, it will be tight. ”

After the league win against FSV Mainz 05, a fan ran across the field, danced unhindered through the penalty area with Erling Haaland, was celebrated from the south stand and was given Haaland’s jersey. A folder finally took it from him, Haaland promised a replacement via Twitter: “Is my jersey from the first half okay?”

And in Dublin it didn’t stop at just one case. Another speedster, who had tried to get as far as Ronaldo during the game, was stopped shortly beforehand by stewards and taken off the field. Despair over his failure was reflected in his face.

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