No link established for the moment between menstrual disorders and COVID vaccines, according to the AEM

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(Reuters) – A European Medicines Agency (EMA) official explained on Tuesday that no link has yet been formally established between menstrual cycle disorders and the administration of a COVID vaccine -19, deeming it necessary to carry out additional studies on the subject.

“Additional studies are needed, including, among other things, measurements of hormonal concentrations to be able to determine whether there is a link” between the vaccination against COVID-19 and these menstrual disorders, as testified by many women, explained AEM pharmacovigilance manager Georgy Genov during a press briefing.

He recalled, however, that the disorders reported in the various studies which are beginning to look into this problem seem most often transitory.

The results of a survey presented on Tuesday by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, carried out among more 6,000 women aged 18 to 30 years before the injections of the first two doses of an anti-COVID-19 vaccine, suggest that the Menstrual cycle disorders (change in frequency, intensity of periods or associated pain) are more common after vaccination.

The conclusions of this study, which mainly focused on messenger RNA vaccines (Comirnaty from Pfizer and BioNTech and Spikevax from Moderna representing more than 95% of the first doses taken into account and 100% of the second dose injections), however, remain to be viewed with caution.

The investigation, which is based on testimonies collected through self-administered questionnaires, has not yet been submitted to a peer review committee and its authors themselves stress that the results “must be confirmed. by other studies “.

(Pushkala Aripaka report in Bengalore, with the contribution of Gwladys Fouche in Oslo, written by Josephine Mason; French version Myriam Rivet, edited by Nicolas Delame)

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