No Man’s Sky free for a limited time, go straight away!

Remember: when it was released in 2016, No Man’s Sky met with a rather mixed reception, but it is far from finished. The proof with this egnimatic tweet from its creator.

No Man’s Sky has not finished bringing new content to its fans. If no official announcement has been made, it was an enigmatic tweet from Sean Murray, director of Hello Games, which tipped the alarm. It all started on February 15, when the man posted a list of words. We could find the following words: Synthesis, LivingShip, ExoMech, Desolation, Origins, NextGen, and many others like Echoes. The developer’s most dedicated fans quickly noticed that it was a list of the names of all the upgrades the game has benefited from since 2016. But where the publication became interesting is that following , there were three dots then the Omega sign.

A surprise for No Man’s Sky

This enigma did not take long to find its solution too. Sean Murray quickly followed his post with a big announcement. All players, regardless of support, were invited to participate in the Omega expedition. For the first time, No Man’s Sky became available for free for this update, unlike any other; “There are no microtransactions, no free-to-play mechanics, just a massive universe to explore for free with your friends” we could read. Building on the success of this first part, the studio returned to the charge a few hours ago.

Yes, No Man’s Sky is once again free for everyone, without any compensation. No microtransactions or Free-to-play mechanics. You simply download and play!

With the Omega Update, Expeditions are now integrated into the main game, where previously they were just a mode. In these missions, you accompany other travelers to complete new quests. That’s not all, several systems have also been reworked. “We’ve reimagined the ‘Atlas Path’ by allowing players to communicate with the Atlas and honor it with a new staff, new jetpack, and new helmet.”, indicate the developers. The Omega event will continue until the end of the month and No Man’s Sky is playable for free until next Monday!

A new journey on Light No Fire

Despite everything, it’s certainly almost the end of the road for No Man’s Sky, but Sean Murray is already traveling to other horizons with Light No Fire. This new survival game will take place on a planet “the size of the Earth» where you will have to evolve with your friends. It will be generated procedurally. The title invites creation, exploration and cooperation, in a fantasy world filled with mystery. For the moment, the release date no release date has been revealed. However, the software already prides itself on being the largest open-world in the world.

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