No more badges, Amazon offers access to the office or hotel by scanning the palm of your hand, and it’s extremely reliable!

Alexandre Boero

Clubic news manager

November 28, 2023 at 9:14 a.m.


Amazon Web Services unveiled, Monday from AWS re:Invent, an identity service which allows, thanks to the palm of its hand, a simplified welcome in corporate buildings, hotels and others, far from the traditional badge .

From Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services presented a biometric solution that could well shape the future of employees who usually work with key fobs or badges, or that of travelers who stay in hotels. At the AWS re:Invent show, the company announced Amazon One Enterprise, a revolutionary service for authentication, which would boast an astonishing success rate of 99.9999%, no less.

Palm recognition, high-precision biometric authentication

We know that today’s businesses rely on traditional authentication methods that expose them to risks like lost badges and PIN weaknesses. Amazon One Enterprise sets itself a goal: to solve these problems by offering authentication based on so-called palm recognition, thus eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with conventional methods.

The Amazon One system is, according to the American giant, easy to deploy. It allows you to manage users, devices and software updates, via the AWS Management Console tool. Here, the company helps reduce operational burden and time spent on manual management.

Specifically, Amazon One Enterprise combines palm recognition technology with advanced artificial intelligence. It is, according to the Seattle firm, 99.9999% accurate. If the promise is true, the solution would outperform other biometric methods, providing access control that is both accurate and secure, in addition to reducing the risk of security breaches.

Amazon One Enterprise © Amazon Web Services

The Amazon One Enterprise solution © Amazon Web Services

Use in multiple locations welcoming a large audience

Users of this method, which will undoubtedly become more widespread over the years, can register in less than a minute by associating their palm, from an Amazon One device, with identifiers such as passwords, badges and PIN codes. Employees then benefit from a seamless experience, accessing physical spaces and digital assets.

Amazon One Enterprise also guarantees data protection with advanced encryption, from the capture of palm images. Users can unsubscribe at any time, the company promises, which ensures confidentiality even after leaving the organization.

The service is in any case praised by companies like Boon Edam, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Paznic, KONE, and AWS data centers, which helped experiment with the latter. Tomorrow, Amazon imagines it to access physical places such as hotels, airports, offices, residences or even educational establishments. This is perhaps a significant step forward for biometric authentication and security.

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