No more tedious copying: the free full version saves you the hassle of typing

Unfortunately, after scanning a printed document, it is not standard that the text can be easily edited. Instead, a PDF or an image file comes out, which first has to be laboriously typed. Even if you know how to type with 10 fingers, depending on the length of the text, this is an enormous effort.

The full version Text-R 2.0 from Ascomp can do this work for you in the future by automatically recognizing the font in images and scans and converting it into a font that can be copied. This ingenious technique is called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). We’re giving away the program for a limited time!

Ascomp Text-R: Save time thanks to OCR

Ascomp Text-R automatically recognizes the text in photos and scans and converts it.

Image: CHIP

If you have scanned a document or photographed it with your mobile phone, first copy the file to your PC. After launching Text-R, all you have to do is choose whether it is a PDF or an image file and then drag it into the software’s program interface. Click on “Next step”. Now make further settings, such as the language used in the document, whether crooked images should be recognized and corrected or lines should be removed. Confirm this with the “Start detection” button. Depending on the amount of text and the size of the document, the process may take a while.

The software works best when the resolution of the photo or scan is as high as possible and the letters are not too small. However, the software reliably recognizes even truncated characters and line breaks and displays them in the converted text. Finally, click the “Save Document” button to export an editable PDF. Alternatively, simply select any text in the right box to copy it to another open document in Word. The full version enables you to have a speedy workflow with your scanned documents without the hassle of typing.

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