“No, mothers are not lucky to have a helping husband”

On Facebook, Laura Mazza, an Australian mother, posted a long text in which she asks to stop believing that a woman is lucky if her partner gets involved at home.

Having a partner who helps around the house is normal. So why do some continue to believe that a woman should consider herself “lucky” when her husband is involved? This is particularly what an Australian mother wanted to denounce in a committed post on Facebook. On April 25, Laura Mazza published a text in which she explains why these kinds of thoughts are problematic. A necessary message for equality between men and women in a couple.

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“’You are lucky to have a man to help you. I wish people would stop telling mothers that. Moms are never alone, even when they go to the bathroom, they are busy every minute of the day and rarely get a break at night. They are chief cooks, housekeepers, arbitrators, appointment takers, bookkeepers, accountants, taxi drivers, nurses. THEY ARE ALL THAT ”, she begins by writing. And to continue: “They are people who put up with everything. Including the mental load. We tell mothers to be grateful on the most difficult days (when they want to give up, editor’s note) and we tell them that ‘they would miss their family’ to encourage them by making them feel guilty. “

“Women deserve better”

In addition to being “full-time parents”, Laura Mazza laments that these mothers are expected to be dressed respectably, to have activities and / or a job, but not to the detriment of their own. family. May their children be well educated. Clear “To put loved ones firstand her, last. “A mother is wonderful when she carries a baby in her womb, but from the moment she gives birth she is treated like a second-class citizen…”, deplores the author of the text. Before setting the record straight: “Worse, without congratulating her, we say to her: ‘You are lucky to have a man who helps you. No. It doesn’t make her lucky. It makes her an equal in the relationship, to have a man who appreciates her and does his part. Her family is lucky to have someone who does everything for them. And it should be treated as such. “

At the conclusion of her publication, Laura Mazza asks Internet users not to say that anymore. “Women deserve better and so do men. Fathers are not babysitters, they are parents. Mothers are not machines or robots. They matter and deserve love and respect ”, she says. A post that quickly went viral and in which many mothers recognized themselves.

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