No sex before marriage: women tell how it really is


Few women in our culture are ready to wait until marriage with sex. Many only get married in their 30s and have had a few partnerships when they bind forever. These 5 women have chosen the right one saved up and married as virgins. How was that? They tell it on Good Housekeeping.

Anna, 23: "I'm still unsure!"

"We waited until the wedding night to have sex. While I was saving myself for the marriage, my husband had lost his virginity early and was in bed with countless women. Sex was somehow a big disappointment for me. I was extremely insecure because I didn't know much about sex and always had in mind that he already had so many women in bed. I always thought that the first sex would be a little embarrassing and painful, but still great, because two people discover new things. But since the whole thing in this case only for me and not for him eWhat was new was not what I would have liked. The situation overwhelmed me, and I'm still unsure even today. I think marriage sex is much more than just two bodies touching. It's difficult to explain. Still, I was disappointed. Some things work better now, others are still difficult. I have become more confident – but my husband is still much more experienced than I am. "


Natasha, 29: "It was the biggest mistake in my life"

It was terrible, not kidding. Waiting until marriage to have sex was the biggest mistake of my life. We had sex on our wedding night and it was terrible – it hasn't gotten better until today. We have been together for four years. It caused so many problems in our relationship and we were quite apart. We don't even sleep in the same bed anymore! My husband was no longer a virgin at the wedding. He had sex with his high school love. I wish I hadn't given myself the pressure to go virgin into marriage. If I could undo it, I would do it right away! "

Margeret, 22: "We immediately did it in the limousine!"

"The first sex after the wedding was terrible and hurt like hell. We were so hot to finally do it that we did it in the limo that picked us up from the airport. Not a good idea, because it didn't really work We then started the second round in the Honey Moon Suite. My husband was no longer a virgin and it was really difficult for him to wait until the wedding. For me it was important for religious reasons, I just became like that behaved. The sex was great later because I was suddenly able to try out all the things I always wanted to do. Now we've been married for over a year – and the sex is still great! "

Amanda, 28: "I cried in the shower"

My ex-husband and I drove to the hotel and had sex right after the wedding. It was miserable. We only laughed because we didn't know what to do now. We didn't know anything about foreplay, so we turned on sexy music. We didn't even know where to put his penis. It was just poking around until we got it. Then it went really fast. We only had sex in one position – and after three minutes he was done. He asked, "Was that it now?" I then took a shower and cried for ten minutes. When I got to bed, he was sleeping. My ex was also a virgin and said he married me so we could have sex. What I learned from it: sex is ultimately just one thing, and if I could decide again, I would have it before marriage. I shouldn't have saved up, nor saved myself $ 30,000 for the wedding. "

Clementine, 21: "I was worried because his penis was so small"

"It was nerve-wracking! I thought I'd rather save myself for the right person, but who would have thought it would be until the wedding? My husband and I have done other things before, like oral sex and hand jobs and so on I was worried because his penis was so small. But size no longer matters to me because the chemistry between us is just right – and that keeps our sex life and marriage fresh. He was not a virgin until marriage and I put him to the test before he even made an application. It is getting better in bed. We still learn a lot about our bodies! "

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