No thanks, no sequel please: 15 stars who’ve had enough of their iconic roles


From “Harry Potter” to “The Godfather” – cult films thrive on their iconic characters. However, these 15 stars didn’t want to return to their roles for the sequel.

These stars have had enough of their iconic roles. (Source: makidotvn /

Daniel Radcliffe not only grew up and became a star as Harry Potter, but also shaped an entire generation of film fans. Cult figures like these are still among the most popular characters in film history.

No wonder fans want to see her again, whether in sequels or remakes. However, some actors categorically rule out a return to their iconic roles.

Maybe they want to stop when it’s most beautiful or the stars’ schedules get in the way. Some sequels have already failed due to contract negotiations or the script just didn’t appeal. Whatever the reason, we’ve rounded up 15 actors who have sworn off their cult figures – at least for now!

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