“Nobody gives me an answer”: Mahsa Amini’s father is not given access to the files

“Nobody gives me an answer”
Mahsa Amini’s father has no access to the files

His 22-year-old daughter was arrested by the Iranian moral police in mid-September for allegedly violating the Islamic dress code and died a short time later: Amjad Amini wants answers. But although President Ebrahim Raisi promised clarification, nothing has happened yet.

The Iranian authorities have not allowed the father of Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody, to inspect the files. “Nobody gives me an answer about my daughter’s death,” Amjad Amini was quoted as saying by local media. The responsible authorities “and also the forensic medicine do not even allow me to inspect the files,” he complained. He was just told again and again that he had to be patient. President Ebrahim Raisi has promised that he will have the case investigated. “But nothing has happened so far,” he said, according to the news portal Eghtesad-News. Amini’s lawyers had asked the judiciary to inspect the files and the police video recordings.

22-year-old Mahsa Amini Mahsa Amini was arrested by vice squads last month for allegedly wearing an “un-Islamic outfit”. What exactly happened to Amini after that is unclear. The woman had fallen into a coma and died in a hospital on September 16. Critics accuse the morality police of using violence. The police firmly deny the allegations.

Since the young woman’s death, thousands of people have been demonstrating across the country against the repressive course of the government and the security forces, as well as against the Islamic system. The protests continued into Sunday night. In Tehran there were protest meetings in several parts of the capital despite heavy police presence. In addition to system-critical slogans, many people sang the song “Baraye” (“For”) – a musical summary of the demands of the demonstrators. Since the arrest of composer and singer Shervin Hajipur last week, the song has become something of a protest anthem.

A report by the Interior Ministry on the protests was discussed in parliament. The conclusion of the hard-liner-dominated legislature was that the riots were orchestrated by foreign countries and Iran’s enemies to weaken the Islamic system. Therefore, the police and armed forces should continue to take consistent action against the troublemakers, it said.

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