Nocturnal use – cars on fire: Inferno on the Inntal motorway

The vehicle of a 38-year-old Romanian was destroyed by flames on Thursday night on the A12 Inntal motorway. Fortunately, the driver was able to get to safety in time. Nobody got hurt.

The 38-year-old was on the Inntal motorway in the direction of Arlberg at around 1 a.m. when he had to stop at Stams (Imst district) due to an engine problem on the hard shoulder. “There the man finally noticed a lot of smoke,” the investigators said. The driver was able to quickly grab a few objects and then get to safety before the vehicle was in a full fire within a very short time. No injuries, lock during use The alerted fire brigade was then able to quickly bring the flames under control. However, the car burned out completely. Fortunately, no people were injured, but the asphalt in this area was severely damaged. The Inntal motorway had to be completely closed for around half an hour.
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