non-essential shops will reopen this Saturday


Reopening of non-essential shops, deconfinement in 3 stages, end-of-year celebrations … In his speech on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, Emmanuel Macron gave the long-awaited information after a month of reconfinement.

Finally, clarity. This Tuesday, November 24, 2020, in his live address, Emmanuel Macron chose simplicity to deliver the information that the French were impatiently awaiting. We now know more about the reopening of non-essential shops, which will take place this Saturday, November 28, but also, on the organization of Christmas and New Year celebrations in times of coronavirus. A release from containment that will be done in three stages.

Stage 1 from Saturday 28 November

In the preamble to his speech, the President of the Republic praised the seriousness of the confined French. s, as well as the "devotion" exhausted caregivers. If the "efforts" collectives must continue, deconfinement will begin with a first level this Saturday, November 28, 2020.

  • All businesses, including non-essentials, may reopen until 9 p.m. at the latest.
  • Travel will be allowed within a radius of 20km for a period of 3 hours.
  • Outdoor extracurricular activities may resume.
  • Religious services will be authorized, however respecting a maximum of 30 people per place of worship.

Stage 2 from Tuesday December 15

We finally know the release date of the confinement for citizens: December 15, but on the condition of going below the threshold of 5,000 contaminations per day. Other details:

  • A curfew will remain in force throughout the territory, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Extracurricular indoor activities will be permitted.
  • Cinemas, theaters and museums will be able to reopen, but under strict health protocols.
  • Gatherings on public roads will be prohibited, with exceptions for Christmas Eve

"We will therefore once again be able to travel without authorization, including between regions, and spend Christmas with the family", explained Emmanuel Macron, while advising against "unnecessary trips".

Stage 3 from Wednesday January 20, 2021

This is logically the most vague level. When the holiday season returns, new decisions will be made if the contamination remains below 5,000 cases per day. However, we know that:

  • Sports halls and restaurants may reopen.
  • The high schools will be able to accommodate all their students, and no longer groups.
  • Universities will be able to resume their courses.

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