Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: the operator says it is ready to deliver gas

Based in Switzerland, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany, has announced that it is ready to deliver gas amid soaring gas prices and geopolitical tensions

The operator of the controversial Nord Stream 2 new gas pipeline between Russia and Germany said on Wednesday it was ready to ensure deliveries amid soaring gas prices accentuated by geopolitical tensions.

“The gas entry procedure for the second chain of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been completed […] This pressure is sufficient to begin transporting gas, ”said the operator, based in Switzerland, of this 1230 km submarine tube.

The German energy regulator, which suspended the certification of the gas pipeline this fall due to a legal obstacle, indicated in mid-December that the latter will not intervene before mid-2022.

A drop in gas prices?

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed to him that Nord Stream 2 was indeed operational to start deliveries as soon as the green light from Berlin was given. “As soon as (the Germans) have decided to start working, additional volumes of Russian gas will immediately leave for Europe,” he said during a meeting broadcast on Russian public television. He suggested the launch would lower the price of gas, which last week hit a new record in Europe.

“This will immediately have an effect on market prices, spot”, assured Vladimir Poutine.

The pipeline under tension

For years, this gas pipeline has divided Westerners. The United States believes that it will strengthen Europe’s dependence on Moscow. The tube was found recently in another file: the rise of tensions at the borders of Ukraine, near which Russia has gathered troops, raising fears of a military operation against Kiev. The new German government threatens to shut down Nord Stream 2 in the event of Russian aggression.

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Under tension in Ukraine, a gas war

The price of gas which is soaring, Vladimir Putin which threatens, the Scandinavians who are worried, Germany which hardens the tone: the Russo-Western tensions on the borders of Ukraine are increasing.

Poland and Ukraine have also accused Moscow of reducing its deliveries of gas, which the EU badly needs, to obtain the launch of Nord Stream 2 and concessions in the Ukrainian dossier. Charges rejected by the Kremlin.

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