NordVPN on offer: All three packages from the VPN provider are greatly reduced


You can get NordVPN in three different packages. Each is tailored to different needs. Currently you can save a lot when you take out a subscription.

Using a VPN can bring many advantages, but above all a Virtual Private Network ensures that you surf anonymously and securely. NordVPN offers three packages for this, “Standard”, “Plus” and “Complete”. While “Standard” offers a rudimentary VPN experience, “Plus” and “Complete” include some extra features.

If you would like to try out a package from the VPN provider yourself, now could be a good opportunity, because Nord-VPN is currently offering a big discount campaign.

NordVPN default
€69.36€174.96-60% NordVPN

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In addition to VPN access and protection against trackers, NordVPN Standard also offers an ad blocker and malware protection. The package costs 174.96 euros for a term of two years, currently you can get the package for just 69.36 euros over the term. That corresponds to a monthly price of just 2.89 euros.


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NordVPN Plus
€83.76225.12€-62% NordVPN

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In addition to the standard services, NordVPN Plus also includes a password manager and a data leak manager. This normally costs 225.12 euros every two years. The two-year subscription is currently available for only 83.76 euros. A strong deal. The monthly fee is 3.49 euros.


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NordVPN Complete
€112.56€352.08-68% NordVPN

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NordVPN Complete costs 352.08 euros in a two-year subscription. The monthly price is therefore 12.19 euros. You can currently get a discount of 68 percent. As a result, you only pay 112.56 euros for the entire period of use. The monthly costs are just 4.69 euros.

In addition to the standard and plus features, NordVPN Complete also includes one terbyte of cloud storage.


That’s why NordVPN’s deal is so good

We tested NordVPN and found it to be one of the best VPN providers out there. You can subscribe to around 5,900 secure VPN servers in more than 59 countries. In addition, NordVPN offers many security features such as AES 256-CBC encryption or Double VPN. This protects your privacy while surfing.

Even if you’ve been hesitant about taking out a VPN subscription, you should take a look at the offer if you’re interested, because it’s definitely worth it. Not only is the monthly price very low, NordVPN is currently in second place in our ranking of the 20 best VPN providers with a very good 9.5 out of 10 points.

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