North at Northwest: After five years, Henny Reents has ended


Fans of the popular crime series "Nord bei Nordwest" have to say goodbye tonight. In the episode "In her own right" (February 6, 8:15 p.m., the first), Henny Reents (45) is the last time to be seen as village police officer Lona Vogt. The actress turns her back on the successful series after five years. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Reents explains the reasons for her departure and wishes her successor Jana Klinge "good luck and success".

They can be seen for the last time as Lona Vogt on the Thunderstick. How difficult was it for you to say goodbye?

Henny Reents: The farewell was of course emotional for me, as we have grown together as a team after five years.


Are you satisfied with how your role is out of line?

Reents: I think that the authors Holger Karsten Schmidt and Nils Holle implemented the exit very skillfully. The character experiences an emotional roller coaster ride that spans three episodes. It is a gift for every actor.

Why are you ending the successful series?

Reents: That was the desire to face new challenges that could no longer be reconciled in terms of time.

Will you stay true to the crime genre in the future?

Reents: It will be seen whether they are crime novels or comedies. The book has to sweep me away and touch me.

What's next for you?

Reents: I was just allowed to shoot the film "Unsettled" under the direction of Jörg Lühdorff after a real event. A little lawyer who messes with the mighty insurance companies and fights to the brim. A very challenging and inspiring job.

Jana Klinge joins the crime series team as a new police officer. What tips can you give her?

Reents: Above all, I wish her a lot of joy, success and that she feels like I am at home in the "Family North near Northwest".

Most recently, 6.85 million tuned in to "Nord bei Nordwest", a week earlier 7.2 million. What makes the films so successful?

Reents: I could imagine that it is because of the scripts that carry this dry, North German humor and charm and because of the special chemistry among the actors.

Are you going to continue watching the films in front of the television at home?

Reents: Of course I will watch the other episodes and cheer them on.