“Not comfortable with that”: chef Philippe Etchebest reveals his surprising weak point

Guest of En Aparté on Canal + this Tuesday, January 17, Philippe Etchebest revealed to be uncomfortable with … his celebrity. The chef returned at length to his relationship to notoriety.

In a few years, Philippe Etchebest has become essential. If gourmets already knew him for his cooking, viewers got to know him through programs such as Kitchen nightmare and Top chef. His banter, his outspokenness, his humor quickly made him one of the most popular chefs of the general public. Thus, he rose to seventh place among the favorite personalities of the French in the ranking of the Sunday newspaper, ahead of Cyril Lignac (13th).

However, Philippe Etchebest has a funny relationship with fame. This is what Nathalie Levy put forward when receiving it on her show, As an aside on Canal + this Tuesday, January 17. “You like to hide well. You came glasses on the nose to us“, she asked him in front of his amused guest. “I put on a cap, always“, he retorted seriously. If he does not know how to explain the precise reasons, Philippe Etchebest is nonetheless uncomfortable with this extraordinary popularity. “I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable with it. I also like to have my privacy somewhere and… It’s hard to explain after all but in any case, it’s not in my temperament. I like to be alone too sometimes“, confided with sincerity this father.

How Philippe Etchebest tries to go unnoticed

Dominique’s husband considers “that we are not conditioned to be recognized, to be challenged all the time“. If he acknowledges that “there are some who perhaps appreciate it more than others, who like it”, he reiterates the fact that this is not his case. “Me, it’s not what I like so indeed, I learned to walk quickly, to look down, to stop looking at people“, he detailed. A way to preserve himself and protect his family circle from the lights. To try to keep his anonymity when he is not in his kitchens or on film sets. So, inevitably, his rare speeches on his family life do not go unnoticed.

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