Not entirely voluntary – City Hall boss vacates his post!

A disastrous report from the city audit office tears apart the security technology of the Wiener Stadthalle. The responsible boss, Wolfgang Fischer, won’t care much. He is history. About someone who is irascible and where it might end up …

When Wolfgang Fischer has himself under control, one can assume that an important person is in the room. The Stadthallen boss feels right at home with the powerful, the rich, with stars and representatives of the glittering world. It is difficult for those who are below their salary class. Because Fischer tends to be angry. “Incidents were repeatedly reported to the works council,” said an insider about the “Krone”. Those who are only insulted are one of the lucky ones, there is also talk of bullying: hump up, step down – in between fine wines and good food. Because Fischer likes to charge expenses. Vestibule, Park Hyatt, Restaurant Fuhrmann, on average between 150 and 400 euros. As a hall boss, Fischer also has to look at halls in other cities: Brussels, Basel, Berlin, London, Paris, Las Vegas – the former ORF man leads the life of a star without being one, although he should have been better off should take care of their own house in Vienna. A current city audit office report waddles him off as managing director for this area. The auditors made a total of 50 recommendations. The list of failures is long: Defects or incomplete documentation of the rectification of defects in fire doors, fire dampers, the fire alarm system, smoke extraction systems, compressed air systems, lifts and much more. It is about an open socket as well as fire protection doors that are not closed, through which smoke and fire could immediately penetrate into other areas, etc. “Even against the background that the maintenance work was made difficult by the Covid test road operation, the report is not a glory” is what it says from Wien Holding. However, 85 percent of the recommendations have already been implemented. Fischer goes – but not entirely voluntarily, of course, Fischer does not care much. His contract expires at the end of January 2022 – he has not applied for another period. Not entirely voluntarily, as you can hear, there was pressure from above. Above all, his behavior towards employees and deficiency reports such as these should be the reason for this. But a man like Wolfgang Fischer doesn’t fall hard. As the “Krone” found out, the irascible could end up in a holding company in the port area. Before it can get that far, of course, an invitation to tender is required. In addition, Fischer will be given a role in the new mega-hall. But the big shows are over. And it won’t be the last personal tremor in the town hall.
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