Not even formalized, the Apple Car is already pointed out for practices of abuse of a dominant position

Ahlem Reggani

December 29, 2021 at 11:10 am


Apple Car

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Like Google and Ford, Apple, in developing the Apple Car, is singled out for abuse of dominance.

Although the existence of the Apple Car to this day remains uncertain, the potential of the Apple to dominate the market is worrying.

The Apple in search of a new market

For a long time, Apple was well known for its extremely restrictive smartphone, tablet and computer repair policies. It is only since last November that the creator of the iPhone decided to let go of the ballast by allowing users to repair their devices, and this, following the obligations imposed by the White House and federal regulations.

Right now, one of Apple’s goals is to design and sell its own cars that are fully integrated into its ecosystem. It is therefore difficult to see in this approach practices of abuse of a dominant position.

On the other hand, if Apple concludes an agreement with large automotive companies soon to offer the on-board experience, this type of partnership could worry companies competing in the field of automotive technology.

The partnership between Google and car manufacturers has already gone through this …

This situation has arisen before. The American automaker Ford has announced that from 2023 its vehicles will be equipped with Google Maps and the Play Store, making them real mobile offices. This collaboration with the search giant Google has been called ” incredible chance to reinvent the automobile By Ford General Manager Jim Farley. But this opinion is not shared by all …

Indeed, this agreement allowed the two firms to sell their products to millions of drivers and their passengers. But this was seen in a different light from the tech industries, fearing that these two companies dominate the global economy.

Concerns over the Apple Car’s abuse of market dominance are similar to those expressed over the partnership between Google and Ford, accused of creating an in-car operating system duopoly. Because the Apple brand will offer new electric car technology, aimed at attracting more consumers to its ecosystem.

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