Notes received weeks ago: CIA is said to have warned Berlin of Nord Stream attacks

Notes received weeks ago
CIA is said to have warned Berlin of Nord Stream attacks

Large amounts of gas are leaking at several points in the gas pipelines between Russia and Germany. Consequences of a targeted attack? According to a report, US secret services warned the federal government weeks ago of possible sabotage.

According to a media report, the United States warned the federal government weeks ago of possible attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. As the “Spiegel” reports, a corresponding tip from the US secret service CIA was received in Berlin in the summer. A government spokesman told the magazine that “as a matter of principle, we do not comment publicly on matters relating to any intelligence findings or activities of the intelligence services.”

Danish and Swedish authorities identified two leaks on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and one leak on Nord Stream 2 on Tuesday morning. Measuring stations in the vicinity already registered vibrations on Monday. A seismograph on the Danish island of Bornholm measured an earthquake twice – once at 2 a.m. local time and again at 7 p.m., the German research center GFZ said.

Bjorn Lund from the Swedish Seismological Center at Uppsala University told broadcaster SVT: “There is no doubt that these were explosions.” An earthquake was ruled out by the scientist. After the deflections on the measuring devices, there was a noise, said a GFZ spokesman. He could not say whether that could be escaping gas. The pressure drop at Nord Stream 2 was first reported on Monday afternoon, at Nord Stream 1 in the early evening – shortly after the second of the two tremors registered.

“There is only one actor in question”

Officially, the cause of the leaks has not yet been determined. According to experts, however, there is much to be said for a targeted attack on the European gas infrastructure. From the point of view of German security circles, it could also be a matter of sabotage. In view of the effort, only a state actor would be an option, it said.

For Ukraine, this is already certain: “The large-scale ‘gas leak’ at Nord Stream 1 is nothing more than a terrorist attack planned by Russia and an act of aggression against the EU,” wrote Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak on Twitter. For the Norwegian military scientist and naval officer Tor Ivar Strömmen, Russia is the only person responsible. “Leaks in gas pipelines are extremely rare,” says Strömmen. The Nord Stream lines are also quite new, in the case of Nord Stream 2 even very new. The only explanation left is sabotage. “I see only one possible player and that is Russia,” the officer said.

For its part, the government in Moscow was “extremely concerned” about the reported leaks. “This is an unprecedented situation that needs urgent investigation,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. When asked if it could be an act of sabotage, he said “no” option could be ruled out.

In the meantime, NATO has also got involved. “It’s something we’re watching very closely,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. One is in close contact with the NATO allies and Sweden, which wants to become a NATO member. It is important that all the facts are on the table, said the Norwegian politician at a meeting with the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

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