Nothing admits that the screen of the phone (1) does not live up to all its promises

Presented as having a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m², the Nothing phone (1) could apparently not reach this threshold promised by the brand when it was launched. A comment from the brand tells us that its screen has been knowingly limited and that it will take the pulse of its community to decide on the future course of action.

Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

We now know that it is not because a feature is announced for a smartphone that it will necessarily end up in this one when it is released. When the Nothing phone (1) was launched, the brand highlighted the fact that its screen would be able to reach a brightness threshold of 1200 cd/m² in certain situations. This is usually the case when viewing HDR content on the smartphone.

A maximum brightness divided by 2 compared to that announced

During our smartphone test, we measured screen brightness in use at 656 cd/m². But according to the brand itself, there would be a software limitation that would not allow the phone to exceed the limit of 700 cd / m².

Discovered by the German site ComputerBasethis blockage was then relayed by GSMArena who included a comment from the brand in his article:

The screen is capable of reaching a brightness of up to 1,200 cd/m², but this value is currently capped by the software at 700 cd/m². This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience in terms of heat and battery consumption. We look forward to hearing what our users think about this and will be monitoring feedback closely to see if this issue needs to be addressed in future software updates.»

Disappointed or delayed promise?

It feels a bit like Nothing got caught red-handed in this story. The company had highlighted this ability of the smartphone when it was launched. Failure to keep this promise will seem like a disappointment to potential buyers and may not help them in the future (even if the smartphone is technically capable of achieving such measurements).

It will now be necessary to see if the brand intends to address the matter with a future update. According to her, this feature could have an impact on the heating and the autonomy of the smartphone and would have been consciously limited. So the question is: why promise such a thing? Perhaps to activate it later and not affect its launch, or simply not to betray the high expectations around the smartphone.

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