Nothing to celebrate: The series with Josefine Preuss goes into round number two

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The series with Josefine Preuss goes into round number two

The Berlin flat share residents (from left) Basti (Tim Kalkhof), Jenny (Marie Rathscheck), Wiebke (Josefine Preuß) and Jonas (Sebastian Fräsdorf) with café owner Lennart (Dirk Martens).

© ZDF / Christoph Assmann

Reason for joy for the fans of "Nix Festes". The sitcom with actress Josefine Preuss is getting a second season.

Good news for the fans of Josefine Preuss (34, "Turkish for Beginners"). Their sitcom "Nix Festes" continues. The broadcaster ZDFneo announced the production of a second season with eight new episodes.

The series revolves around the Berlin flat-sharing community residents Wiebke (Preuss), Jenny (Marie Rathscheck), Jonas (Sebastian Fräsdorf) and Basti (Tim Kalkhof), who are looking for their place in life. In the new episodes, Jonas realizes that he is the last person in his school year who is neither married nor has children. Basti, on the other hand, flashes for the first time with a guy who thinks he is way too old, while Wiebke is confronted with true love and has to ask himself whether it is at all permanently fit for a relationship.

Last but not least, Jenny, the youngest of the friends, suddenly discovered sustainability for herself in season two and found both her career path and great happiness. And then there is Lennart (Dirk Martens). He still runs his café on the ground floor of the house, but no longer understands his customers because everyone only speaks English. Suddenly Lennart's son is also standing at the counter, with whom he has not yet had much contact.

Matthias Schweighöfer's mother as a guest star

In addition to the well-known main actors, there are also various guest stars in front of the camera for the second season of "Nix Festes", directed by Ulli Baumann (58). Also present: Omar El-Saeidi (40), Natalia Avelon (40) and Matthias Schweighöfers (39) mother Gitta (67). The shooting will continue until the end of January, the new episodes are expected to be shown in the coming autumn in the ZDFmediathek and in ZDFneo.