Novartis unveils a new strategic plan around the United States and eight drug brands

ZURICH (Reuters) – Novartis announced a new strategic plan on Thursday to make U.S. growth a top priority and focus on eight drug brands the company says could drive sales in the region of several billion dollars.

At an event organized for investors, the Swiss pharmaceutical group said it would increase the share of American patients in clinical trials, and offer American employees better prospects for development within the company. ‘company.

The aspiration of Novartis, ranked 10th in the US market, is to “organically grow its US business to become a leading player by 2027”.

The group added that it aims to become one of the top three players in China, while maintaining top positions in Germany and Japan.

Last month, the US president signed a plan to support households in the face of rising prices, which notably authorizes the government to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs and cap the costs of the Medicare public health program.

“As for the price cap, although it is a challenge, we believe it is manageable and (we are) not making any change in our direction,” Vas Narasimhan said. , CEO of Novartis, at the event.

Novartis also announced a strategy based on eight major drug brands, following the decision to spin off Sandoz, to focus more on patent prescription drugs.

According to the laboratory, the brands Cosentyx, Entresto, Zolgensma, Kisqali, Kesimpta, Leqvio, Pluvicto and Scemblix have the potential for maximum sales of several billion dollars.

The official also confirmed the financial objectives previously announced by Novartis.

(Report Ludwig Burger and John Revill; French version Alize Degorce, told by Kate Entringer)

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