November 22, 2009: Satoshi Nakamoto creates the “Bitcoin Forum”

THE November 22, 2009There is 14 years old To this day, Satoshi Nakamoto created the “ Bitcoin Forum “. This discussion space devoted to his invention would become BitcoinTalkthe haunt of bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Bitcoin Forum

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin publicly by a message posted on the forum of the P2P Foundation February 11, 2009: “Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency”. There he briefly described his peer-to-peer and decentralized electronic money system.

Bitcoin - Post by Satoshi on the P2P Foundation forum
Satoshi Nakamoto’s first public post announcing Bitcoin.

The post was accompanied by a link to Bitcoin’s source code, as well as its white paper. Today there are more than 771,500 viewsand, we can see that the questions and debates around the first cryptocurrencies had exploded just a few hours after its appearance!

The first forum truly dedicated to Bitcoin was then hosted on SourceForge. A few months later, Satoshi launched the “Bitcoin Forum” via a simple message:

Satoshi announces the creation of the Bitcoin ForumSatoshi announces the creation of the Bitcoin Forum

The ancestor of the Bitcoin Forum is no longer available. Likewise, some of Satoshi’s early posts on the new forum were deleted, perhaps because they could have helped identify their author.


With the success of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Forum became BitcoinTalk and was divided into several sections. Today, there are 5:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Economy ;
  • Others ;
  • Alternative cryptocurrencies;
  • Foreign language local sections.

Each of these sections has several discussion spaceswhere millions of messages were exchanged.

BitcoinTalk – DashboardBitcoinTalk – Dashboard
The BitcoinTalk Dashboard

BitcoinTalk then very quickly became the reference forum. Every Bitcoin user has already browsed it, to find information, or get an answer to their questions. It is also a space that has seen the birth of numerous alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin (altcoins). During the first years of the forum’s existence, each new cryptocurrency project was the subject of a post on BitcoinTalk.

Litecoin announcement on BitcoinTalkLitecoin announcement on BitcoinTalk
Litecoin appeared on BitcoinTalk, like many other cryptocurrencies…

It was the same for many digital tokens issued via a Initial Coin Offering. Fundraising in cryptocurrencies, starting with Mastercoinwere at the time organized via a simple thread. The presentation of the token was accompanied by a Bitcoin addressto which investors could send their funds.

The first ICO in history was a success. Launched in July 2013the founders of Mastercoin (later renamed Omni) were able to gather 4740 bitcoins to develop their project… And, all this thanks to a simple message, sent on BitcoinTalk!

Times have changed, but BitcoinTalk remains the most important digital discussion space for everything related to the king of cryptocurrencies. It now has more than 63 million messagesdistributed across 1,369,847 discussion topics, and 3,575,938 members. Happy birthday, BitcoinTalk!

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